Who We Are 

One of the few completely student run teams in the country, Georgetown University Mock Trial is nationally ranked and competes at tournaments all over the United States every year. Competing at invitationals in the fall and the Regional, ORCS, and National tournament in the spring, GU Mock Trial is a close-knit community that writes its own materials, plans its own case theories, and orchestrates its own practices. Both in the courtroom and on campus, GU Mock Trial is as much a family as a team. 

What is Mock Trial?

Every year our team receives a case that we work on for the entire year. Alternating between civil and criminal, these cases are written by the American Mock Trial Association to be used by every team around the country. Students on our team assume the role of attorneys or witnesses and compete against other teams in front of panels of two to three judges. Our team is responsible for creating case theories, writing opening statements, closings, and direct / cross examinations. Georgetown Mock Trial usually has three teams competing each semester, each one with its own unique approach to the case.

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Who Are We Looking For? 


Interest in Public Speaking

If you love debating, giving speeches, or presenting arguments, GUMT is the place for you. Being a good attorney requires the ability to persuade your judge. Anyone with a passion for public speaking can make a great addition to the success of GUMT. 

Interest in Acting

Half of the Mock Trial experience is the playing of witnesses,  From interesting accents to expert analyses, good witnesses require committed actors. So even if you're not interested in public speaking or law, you can still be an essential member of GUMT. 

Interest in the Law

Interested in going to law school? Want to know more about how a courtroom actually works? Georgetown Mock Trial is a perfect place to explore a passion for the law and to get first-hand experience in the functioning of the legal process.

Something New

Part of what makes GUMT such a unique and valuable experience is the diversity of skills and interests of people who join our team. Whether or not you have any experience in public speaking or acting, if you are interested in Mock Trial we would love to have you!


Join the Family

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