What Kind of Time Commitment is GUMT?

Since Georgetown Mock Trial is completely student run and operated, we get to determine our own schedules, for both practices and tournaments. Still, because we love Mock Trial and take success seriously, GUMT meets regularly during both the fall and spring to practice. Members of the team can expect a 1-2 hour practice 2-3 times a week for most weeks of the active season for Mock Trial. Schedules for practices are determined by the captains of the teams and designated to match the needs of the members and the team as a whole.

Additionally, the team usually attends around 3 tournaments in the fall and between 2 and 4 tournaments in the spring, depending on success at qualifiers. Tournaments usually last a full weekend and GUMT attends tournaments all over the East Coast. 

We work to try and make sure that, while GUMT is a rigorous and competitive experience, all members of the team can handle the commitment with the other responsibilities of college. 


Can I Join GUMT If I Haven't Done Mock Trial Before?

Absolutely! Georgetown Mock Trial is open to anyone and everyone who tries out and no previous Mock Trial experience is required. Some of the most valuable members of our team had no competitive experience in Mock Trial before joining GUMT. We are looking for all types of people to contribute to our team so no matter what experience you have in public speaking or Mock Trial, we look forward to meeting you and hope you can join the GUMT family. 


How Do the Teams for GUMT Work? 

GUMT is traditionally divided into three teams in both the fall and the spring. Each team is made up of about 10 members with 2 captains who lead the team. Each team works, practices, and develops strategies separately while GUMT comes together for trainings, practice tournaments, and social events.  

In the fall, the teams are divided up to try to distribute experience and skill evenly and effectively. In the spring, following "re-stack," the teams are re-distributed into a tiered system. This traditionally consists of an "A", "B", and "C" team. The re-stack process is handled by the Executive Board and new captains are assigned for the new teams in the spring.  


How Do Tryouts for GUMT Work?

At the beginning of every school year GUMT holds tryouts for new members of the club. Information on the time, place, and content of these tryouts will be distributed during our information sessions after CAB fair. The tryouts are aimed at seeing how people fit into the GUMT community and how their speaking and acting skills match the needs of the team. During tryouts, potential members will be asked to present an opening statement on a fictional case along a demonstration of cross and direct examination skills as both a witness and attorney. This will be followed by an informal Q&A. The tryouts will be in front of the Executive Board of GUMT and the captains of the fall teams.

Full instructions and details will be covered in the tryout packet distributed during the information sessions. 



For any mock trial teams interested in attending Georgetown's Hilltop Invitational Tournament, email tournament.gumocktrial@gmail.com for more information. The tournament will be in late January of 2019 to give teams a chance to practice before regionals.


Any other questions?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us! You can find all of our contact information on the contact page for this website and links to our social media accounts and email at the bottom of every page. We look forward to hearing from you!